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Dragon Naturally Speaking: 5 Reasons You’ll Think This Software is Alive

Since the dawn of computers, men have been trying to figure out a way to talk to technology. There’ve been lots of hits and misses with this kind of software, but with Dragon Naturally Speaking; we’ve got a hit our hands. Dragon Naturally Speaking is an awesome piece of text to speech software – but it’s so good you’d think it was alive.

Reason #1: Dragon Naturally Speaking Is Listening

Dragon Naturally Speaking is the quintessential text to speech software on today’s market. This unique piece of software listens to your voice and follows your orders. Dragon Naturally Speaking isn’t just some “either else” software that mindlessly follow simple instructions; Dragon Naturally Speaking is a very sophisticated piece of software that listens to your speech patterns, accents, has a very large vocabulary and know several languages. When you speak to Dragon Naturally Speaking it listens.

Reason #2: Dragon Naturally Speaking Is Constantly Learning

When you first get the Dragon Naturally Speaking software up and running, you’re taken into a tutorial that will allow Dragon Naturally Speaking to recognize your voice. When you first start using the program, you might start off on shaky ground but after about 30 minutes of using Dragon Naturally Speaking the software will have learned your speech patterns and voice and will be working like a charm.

There are lots of different ways to train Dragon Naturally Speaking to fit your voice more accurately. You can set modules to train Dragon on a daily basis, add words manually, and have the Dragon Naturally Speaking software search your documents to recognize your writing style. The more you use Dragon Naturally Speaking, the more it will learn from you and the easier it will be to use later on.

Reason #3: Dragon Naturally Speaking Sleeps and Wakes up

When using the Dragon Naturally Speaking software; you’re the boss. You can tell Dragon Naturally Speaking to go to sleep, wake up, “scratch” an entire sentence, and many other commands. The Dragon software is also able to distinguish by your voice tones whether you wanted to type a word or follow a command. If you put Dragon Naturally Speaking in sleep mode it will rest, but it’ll never leave you hanging. As soon as you request Dragon to wake back up, it starts recording your speech immediately, because it will listen to you the entire time it’s resting.

Reason #4: Dragon Naturally Speaking Talks Back

As I mentioned earlier, men have been trying to talk to technology for a while; but man had no idea that technology would be talking back to him so soon. Dragon Naturally Speaking that only turns text to speech, it also turns speech to text. You can program Dragon Naturally Speaking to read full-page documents back to you without wearing your reading glasses. With this piece of software, it’s as though you are having a full-blown conversation with your computer.

Reason #5: Dragon Naturally Speaking Is Watching You

Be careful what you do in front of your computer because Dragon Naturally Speaking just might be watching you. I’m really just joking, but this piece of software really does pay attention to what’s happening on your screen. Dragon will scan entire text documents and allow you to edit specific words, browse web pages, select links, and select options in other applications. It’s hard to believe that someone isn’t looking right over your shoulder and selecting what’s on your screen instead of Dragon Naturally Speaking doing what it does best.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is so great that it seems to be a sentient being. It’s unbelievable that technology has come to the point where men can finally talk to his computer and applications can browse themselves. It’s almost scary but awesome at the same time.

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