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Mp3 to Text-All You Need To Know

Are you someone looking to convert your audio, video, podcast or YouTube video to text, i.e. transcribe it for free? Do you often feel you have a lot of audio and video content which is of good quality but not searchable on the internet? You can’t really search on a web browser what you have entered perhaps very specifically in your content. In today’s digitally optimized world, where SEO and keyword searches rule the World Wide Web, it is essential that you have some medium of publishing your work in the good old text format. The easiest way to get your mp3/mp4 files into text is through transcription. A vital piece of information you must know beforehand is that no audio/video to text converter is ever going to be perfect and sometimes the results might not be as desirable as you wanted in the first place.

If you’re an Android User (any version of Android), you could try out the Audio to Text app. It is completely free of charge and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store app.  Since it is a free application, some ads might pop up at the bottom of the screen. There are three options at the top of the screen, namely- “Upload Audio”, “Conversion History” and “Settings” respectively. Once you click on the “Settings” tab, you get three more options – first, Language to choose your language preferences, Quality which can be either High or Normal quality. The last option is the Conversion Via which is set to Dialog by default and need not be changed. You can upload the requisite audio file which needs to be converted and you must remember to keep your mobile data on during the entire conversion process.  Once the process is completed in the app, you will be able to see the complete converted text displayed on your phone screen. You are also allowed to copy and paste it somewhere else as per your convenience.

For Apple users, you must go up to the top left of your screen where you can choose System Preferences and open Dictation and Speech. First, we turn on the Dictation option and check the box of Use Advanced Dictation. Then, choose the desired device by simply clicking on the microphone icon. Next, we open Audacity and upload our audio file from the machine’s internal storage into the same. We then open the text editor application and turn on the Dictation mode. Click on the Play button to play the audio and then switch the cursor back to the text editor- and voila! The text format of whatever is being said in the audio file is going to be typed automatically into the text editor. You can save the text editor into the internal storage of your computer or upload it on Google drive for future reference and works.

Some of the good software meant for conversion purposes are mentioned below:

  • Dragon Dictate- It consists of software having an algorithm that analyzes audio and automatically transcribes it into requisite text files. One of the most brilliant features of Dragon Dictate is that it allows you (the user) to train the software to learn how you speak so that it can be more familiar with your speaking patterns and dialects if you have any. So essentially what you are doing here is personalizing the software as per your needs. The software will understand your voice better, and consequently, produce better results. Let us get started on the procedures to be followed during usage. We go to Tools and select Transcribe recording. Click Next, then locate the audio file to be transcribed. After the required file is uploaded, we can simply click the Transcribe button in the dialog box on the monitor screen and the file will get transcribed into the text editor following this action.
  • Adobe Premier Pro is also quite popular for the conversion of both audio and video files to text format. If you type in Google, “Google Chrome Web Speech API”, the very first search result displayed will land you on the Web Speech API demonstration web page. It gives you the Microphone icon, an option tailor-made for your convenience. You can speak anytime you want on this page and record your content as an audio file instantly before converting it into text format.

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