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Online Reading Through TTS

People nowadays tend to do several tasks in a single approach or simply called multitasking. In this way, people think that they are productive where it can boost their confidence and or morale to another level especially if they get to be appreciated by those persons around them.


Is There An Online Application for Multitasking?


You can do multi task even if you are not connected online but through online applications it can even help you to be more productive especially if you will be working several works for office and school while having a healthy lifestyle. Oftentimes, it is really convenient to listen than to read where the latter can both drain your mind and body, and your eyes might get affected in the long run.


Whereas, the former would only require you to use your ears and absorb every word it can give. Text-to-speech (TTS) offers a new method of reading your work in the office, notes at school and even poetry for music through listening; this can be of a great way to draw near your deadlines.


In fact, as the technology innovates the more it can provide for multitasking applications. Text-to-speech online can solve slightly different result than other platform that is already available online such that in Windows narrator, iOS VoiceOver, Mac VoiveOver, Android Talkback and many more. These technologies can provide an easy reading the entire page plus navigation.


There are technically four text-to-speech online applications that help you out your reading namely; Motoread, Voice Dream Reader, Speech Central, and Audiobook Maker. All these text-to-speech online applications offer different formats that can perfectly satisfy your need. Some can give you variations as to the quality of voice it can produce and some as to the sharpness of the pitch.


Which Is The Best Text-To-Speech Online That We Can Choose?


Among the four TTS online applications that we have mentioned, we will be giving its description so that you can easily choose and navigate your desire.


  • Motoread

Through this application it can read articles or text in a single voice and you can choose the text you want to be included in the speech where the playback speed of the speeches are can be adjusted.

  • Voice Dream Reader

This application will show you every word it will read and highlights the words that it will speak where you can customize the font style and size, and the color and text that is displayed on its playback recordings.

  • Speech Central

This application will let you see the text with colored vertical lines as it speaks every word it can utter. Also, this application is specially designed to shuffle voices so you can easily distinguish one article from the other.

  • Audibook Maker

Among the applications that we have showed you, this is the only application where it can give proper pronunciation of text in its speeches. It also offers you to highlight the words it speaks, it is not automatic so may put highlights or nor depending on your convenience.


As the developers says “it is not easy to add different features to every application, it will count some time for us to perfectly produce a good output”. Whatever the developers and technologies can offer to the market, for sure it will be interesting as the Text-to-speech online has.

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