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With Siri coming into the world, technology has improved at a drastic rate. Artificial intelligence or AI is so advanced that it is gaining a human side. Inspired from Siri, many people have come up with an online text reader. To simply explain, the software recites the text you feed it. This technology was actually created to improve speech. The software is available online.Many times we come across many words which we have no idea how to pronounce. This software helps us with these problems. Whenever we are learning a new language, this is the software which saves us from gaining incorrect knowledge; as in many languages, the pronunciation of the words often matters as it changes the meaning.

There are many kinds of online text reading software available. It helps you improve your speech by helping you to pronounce the words or the text entered in a correct manner. It can be also used as a medium to translate into many other different languages. It is very simple to use and handle. Many people prefer it to learn the right pronunciation of words which are unknown to them. This online text reader is very handy when it comes to fancy words in any language. It also helps when there is a concept of silent letters in any language such as French and British English.

The software itself helps you converse with people whenever you don’t have a language in common. It helps you break the language barrier and avoids any embarrassing moments where you pronounce any word in a wrong manner. With many languages such as Chinese, pronunciation of words plays a very important role. Since they have a symbol for one word, it makes it hard to study it and speak. In Chinese each symbol has five different meanings according to its pronunciation. The online text reader is very useful and handy when it comes to situations like these.

The online text reader is very easy to find.  There are many text readers available online, a little different from each other, but they ultimately serve the same purpose. Every online text reader has a layout which they share in common. There is a dialog box available where you need to enter the text you wish to be read aloud by the software. The quantity of words does not matter as generally there is a much higher limit to the amount of text which needs to be read. It can just be a sentence, or an entire essay, depending on what you need it to do. Above the huge text box, there is a bar which tells us the language it is reading. For example, you enter a sentence like “I hate mangoes”, it will read your text in the language you have selected in that bar like UK English (Female). You can change the language that you need for the end result. The software has almost all the languages in the world and always comes with a wide variety of languages. The language in which you enter your text can also be changed and can be in a language in which you are comfortable.

The software also has an option of the voice in which you want to listen to it. Whether you want a male voice to recite it or a female voice, the choice is yours. You can also change the speed of the audio as per your choice. Many times when you are learning or communicating in an entirely different language, it is always good to listen at a slower pace. Often, it also happens that it is hard to catch up with what the audio says since the local dialect is quite fast. Here, the speed settings come very handy.

One of the main features of these types of software is whenever the audio is played, the text spoken is highlighted, making it easy for the listener to catch up and learn in a much easier way. It also remembers where you have stopped and also the text box can have multiple types of files entered like e-books, pdf’s, etc. and the sound files can also be exported. Lastly, this software is very useful whenever you are in a foreign country where English is not the first language and when you learn a new language or simply to improve your accent.

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