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Professional Voice Changers

The figure of speech is such an important part of a person’s life. They need speech to communicate and share their thoughts. A gathering without people speaking is hard to imagine. Scientifically speaking, everyone has a different voice. Their pitch, baritone and volume vary vividly. Where a child has a high-pitched voice, an old man has a raspy and deep one. With the technology spreading around the world in almost all types of areas, it’s not surprising that one can modify their voice by a voice changer. What’s that? It is a device which can change a person’s voice by changing its pitch or tone or can distort it. The change depends on the person’s choice and sophistication.Initially, a device was used as a disguise for a person’s voice in phone calls. These voice changers come in all shapes and sizes. They are moderately priced and have lithium batteries embedded inside them. The price range actually varies from model to model. There are very low-priced voice changers as well as ones which can barely be afforded by people with just a mere interest in the concept of voice changing. In telephones, the voice changer is situated near the mouthpiece of the phone in order to get the sound waves from the person and change their voice accordingly. Different voice changers have different levels of distortion features which makes them more sophisticated and interesting.

Voice changers are built for almost all operating systems. Some of the best voice changers for androids are RoboVox, Voice Changer by AndroidRock, Voice changer by e3games, etc. Even Snapchat, which is a famous social media app, has voice changing features in it. Some of the latest features of the voice changer are them being able to change the timbre of the person’s voice, apply special effects and provide graphic equalization in almost real time. Some famous voice changer software is Voicemod, Clownfish and the Voxal. Voicemod is a real time voice changer used mainly for online games and Clownfish is a voice changer compatible for Windows. Voxal is a real time voice changer as well and these three famous voice changers have transformed the industry tremendously. Voice changers are for people of all ages as well. Children can play with them by using voice changing apps on mobile phones and have a great laugh along with it.

Moreover, there are professional voice changers which are designed to work in the industry. They have more complex features and are used in different kinds of industries from entertainment to law enforcement. These professional voice changers have

actually played a big role in the animation field and the movie industry. The movies like Scream, Saw, and Super Troopers had voice changers used in them. In anime series, like Pokemon, there was a distortion of voices used as an effect. Even superhero movies use a lot of voice changing for different roles.
One of the most interesting things is the predefined voices to which one can change into. If one wants to see how their voice would sound if they were a robot, they can experience it by choosing an audio file of theirs and using one of the voice-changing software. The result will be the sound of a person who sounds like a combination of your voice and a robot.

Recently, companies have been focusing on making more lightweight and accessible voice changers. For voice changers which are not software or apps, the professional voice changers can be bought both online and from your nearest local stores. They are not very difficult to find and as stated earlier, they are very affordable. People from all over the world have been using voice changers for entertainment and professional purposes. Children enjoy changing their voice to different cartoon characters and to different animals whereas people make a living out of creating different voice changing software. There are companies which have dedicated themselves to listening to the people’s needs and options to make the voice changers more flexible to use and better than the ones of other companies. There is a high competition in the market to make the best voice changers and people are making the best use of them!

The term Voice Changer relates to devices which will change the pitch or tone of a user’s voice and adds distortion to it. The professional voice changer is compatible and portable on telephones. Current DSP technology i.e. Digital Signal Processing is used by this device for unmatched clarity. It consists of a built-in microphone which offers low distortion. The professional voice changer consists of features like:

  • compact and lightweight
  • 9-volt battery is used for power
  • professional Grade
  • high pitch settings by 7 programmed
  • low pitch settings by 7 programmed
  • cell phones and landline phones are used with it

Best Software for Professional Voice Changer

Morph Vox:

Morph Vox is used for creating a fake voice. It is developed for online video games. It consists of pre-installed sound packs and free voices which include sounds in professional Morph Vox and many new voices. You can give your voice a new stage by using background cancellation, high sound quality and superior voice filters. It can be used to add humor to your voice and change to role-play. It consists of substantial background cancellation and voice changing algorithms. In the market, Morph Vox is considered as the voice changer that has the cleanest sound. High-quality sound is provided by this software which is perfect for making voice-overs on audio or video challenges.

Skype Voice Changer:

To make conversations on Skype Voice Changer, you can change or fake your voice. Only in Windows, this software is available. It has various options in voice altering and consists of limited features. Voice modification can be used during Skype VoIP and online chatting. It has different varieties of voice modulation. It offers tremendous options in order to mask one’s original voice during a Skype call.


Voicemod is an awesome app for a voice changer. The software program can be altered by its voice. It is suitable for fake voice chatting, video games and communication. Voicemod allows one to load Mp3 files and apply effects on them. It consists of various options like changing one’s voice to the voice of an Asian lady, military radio and superstar tones, etc. It has an incredible user interface.


Voxal is also a favored software for voice changing. It can mask and change one’s voice. For podcasts it generates new voices. It is used for adding various voice effects in film clips, online chats and video games. In Voxal, different male and female types of voice pitches are present and adjustments can be applied to the pitch of the voice by shifting. 14 sound effect-library is also present in it.


A fake voice maker: For voice alteration it is said to be the best software. This software program is very enjoyable to make use of communication. There may be expansion in the amount of the voice changer. In case of gaming, these voices work perfectly. It makes one enjoy Google Hangouts, Skype and different other audio/video chat websites.

Viscom Voice Changer:

This is a skilled voice changer software with high quality voices. It works over the web or a phone line. This system has 24 varieties of voices and helps in recording a voice from a PC. Viscom works with Skype video chatting and software programs of different modulation and telephone lines.

Fake Voice:

This is lightweight software providing astonishing real time effects. It consists of multiple options. The possibility voice changer consists of four sliders that could change the base pitch, format, noise threshold and pitch. Diagnose Base Pitch is underneath the base pitch slider which examines the voice and allows one to view their quantity and pitch while speaking. Robotic voice is produced by the robotic impact and the voice tone can be changed by clicking the grid.

Super Voice Changer:

For Windows, this is a free software program to deploy female and male voices. Standard user interface is easy to use. Without any settings in the system, voice changes in real time can be stimulated by the software. This voice changer software is for the entire Windows audio software program.


When one modifies their voice with a voice changer, no one will recognize their voice. A professional voice changer will change anybody’s voice; therefore, this device makes it easier for anybody to change their voice.

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