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Top Text to Speech Programs

For these kinds of problems you have a very good solution – text to speech software. You can listen to all your preparation or project material like you listen to FM or Mp3 songs. You can change your text material to an audio file and listen to it in laptop or desktop. Even you can copy these audio files to iPod and cell phone. The following is the information of such tools and websites.
Natural readers:

When you want to give rest to your eyes or you are not able to read with your eyes, change your ears to eyes. You can download ‘Natural Reader’ software from their website. Once you install the software and open it you can see menu bar and tool bar. You can copy the text matter in the text box and you can listen to it by clicking ‘Play’. You have buttons for stop, backward, forward. With speed and speaker you can control the voice. With mp3 option you can save as an audio file and download.www.naturalreaders.com

Ready Mp3:

If you do not want to install any software then go to www.vozme.com. This site has a very easy interface. Enter the text you want to convert in the ‘Enter text in English’ box. Then you can select a male or female voice. Then if you click ‘create mp3’ you can convert to audio format file. Once the process is done you can click ‘download mp3’ and save the file.

Spoken text:

If you want to convert pdf file, email or word document into audio format you can join as a member in www.spokentext.com. Once you sign in you can see a screen with menu bar, tab buttons. You can convert any text, document or URL into mp3 format and save.

Other sites:


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