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Where can i find a robot or female voice generator online?

Expressive Synthetic Speech:

This is a collection of examples of synthetic affective speech conveying an emotion or natural expression and maintained by Felix Burkhardt. Some of these samples are direct copies from natural data, others are generated by expert-rules or derived from data-bases. The emotional labels “anger”, “fear”, “joy” and “sad” are my (short) designators for “the big four” basic emotions, not neccessarily the authors’ ones.
Examples of German actors simulating emotional arousal can be found here.
I recently held a talk on emotional speech synthesis.
Examples of German text-to-speech synthesizers can be found here.
Please, feel encouraged to let me know about own or missing attempts to simulate emotional speech!


Best Answer:

AT&T voice labs is my favorite, since it has a good variety of voices and you can download them after playing. Here’s the link:
The software you are looking for is more commonly referred to as text to speech software. If you Google around I’m sure you’ll find more.

Others Answer:

Female Voice Generator say : https://shrink.im/a0gF6.

Girl Voice Generator say:First, you need to be a ten year old who has managed to get hold of some 17+ games. This may not seduce anyone but it will acheive the desired effect of pissing everyone off.here.

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